The power of N2

Quantum Innovations LLC


is about global commercialization.  "The Power of N2"  is our core competency; building and using a global "Network of Networks" to leverage global commercialization.    With affiliates worldwide, we provide the reach of a global consulting firm with the agility of a small, fast organization with "feet on the street" where you need them.

Qi harmonizes resources from public, private and higher education sectors,  mapping and meeting client requirements to deliver real, market-driven results.  In the process, we help our clients see the world in new ways.  

Why Qi?  

Qi is focused on changing the way our clients see the world.   The concept of "Quantum Shift," i.e. the movement of an electron from one energy level to another, is a powerful metaphor.  Although a quantum shift is minute, it changes everything.  If we can help our clients achieve the equivalent of a quantum shift in their perception of the market, of the competition, of the process of commercialization, together we can transform people, products and organizations.

Qi also is the Chinese pictogram for "animating force."  We see our work as injecting this sort of energy into our client's businesses to animate and enable global competitive advantage.


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